South Dakota Sculpture Trail

The Premier Art Attraction in the Region


Welcome to South Dakota!

The wonderful thing about travel is exploring the unique culture that exists in each community along your journey.

Think Big

Picture the South Dakota Sculpture Trail as a free public art museum that stretches across the entire state with hundreds of world class sculptures to enjoy.  When it comes to sculptures, we dream BIG and we've put our sculptures on our main streets, riverfronts, wide open prairies and our mountains.  Our communities have invested in public art sculptures that take you off the interstate and onto Main Street and the heart of who we are.  

While you visit the sculptures you will have the chance to experience our cities, the arts and and culture.  While you're there, immerse yourself in the unique food and shopping experiences. You'll find one-of-a-kind shops, craft breweries and local wines.  Most of all, you'll love the people you meet along the way.




About Our State

South Dakota is the Mount Rushmore State. Having a sculpture as the centerpiece of your slogan is just the beginning. We have something for everybody from our main streets to our mountains you'll find what makes South Dakota the classic road trip.